Built for web developers & web designers

Unlike other online form builders this form builder is meant for (front-end) web developers and web designers. Thanks to the very clean and minimal graphical user interface the tedious job of hand coding HTML forms is a thing of the past. You can easily build a responsive webform in minutes and download the resulting HTML and CSS code to integrate them into you website or web application. Or you can use the software as a quick mockup tool. It's your choice.

Forms for developers
Integrated Form-CSS designer

Integrated CSS designer

With the integrated CSS designer you can tweak almost any aspect of a form design. Quickly adjust widths, paddings, alignments, fonts, colors and more. You can even add several breakpoints to influence the responsive behavior of the form.

Form template manager

Changes to the form you're working on are automatically saved to your local computer. You can save your changes as a template via the template manager and start with a new form or load a previously saved template. The template manager also provides several built in templates to get you quickly up to speed.

Form template manager